Review: Garmin 1030

Buy Garmin 1030 from Amazon Garmin recently launched it latest version of its flagship GPS cycle computer in the Edge 1030. The price remains the same as the previous model at a penny under £500, but is the new model a step up on previous attempts? Life of Tri is well familiar with Garmin technologyContinue reading “Review: Garmin 1030”

Review: Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Jelly Belly Sport Beans RRP £1.99 Jelly sweets are often part of an athlete’s fueling plan, with ‘fizzy jelly snakes’ being a firm favourite in the Life of Tri household. When out on a long ride or run, the body will crave a hit of energy, or more specifically, sugar.  In between energy gels andContinue reading “Review: Jelly Belly Sport Beans”