Review: Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Jelly Belly Sport Beans RRP £1.99

Jelly sweets are often part of an athlete’s fueling plan, with ‘fizzy jelly snakes’ being a firm favourite in the Life of Tri household.

When out on a long ride or run, the body will crave a hit of energy, or more specifically, sugar.  In between energy gels and bars, I will often reach for something more convenient and that’s where jelly sweets are very useful.  Having a small bag of sweets on offer means I can get sugars on board quickly and easily, with a delivery of the required energy boost.

Jelly Belly have taken what they do well, the creation of tasty sweets, and developed a product that is specifically designed for the sports industry.  With the added benefit of caffeine and vitamins to aid energy release, the beans also contain potassium and sodium to give you the boost of electrolytes needed to combat muscle fatigue.

Jelly beans wouldn’t be my normal ‘go to’ for an energy fix but their Sport Beans are a convenient option to consider. They come in a small bag which contains circa 13 beans (28g) and can easily be stored in a pocket or sports bra (so I am told).  The only downside for me is that they don’t fit into a race belt (unless it has a pocket) which is my preferred storage for race day.  The pack is easy enough to open on the move and can be resealed saving you having to consume all at once.  Although small in stature, the jelly beans do contain electrolytes, with some flavours containing caffeine for that extra energy boost.

Each pack of Sport Beans contains 25g carbs, of which 76 per cent are sugars, making them ideal portable carbs to aid maintaining blood sugar levels and allowing you to exercise longer. A good thing about the beans is that they don’t contain artificial sweeteners, however they contain some E numbers which I would prefer to avoid where possible.  Each pack is designed to give you roughly an hour’s worth of energy but it doesn’t feel substantial enough for me.


Jelly Belly’s Sport Beans are an excellent addition to any fueling strategy considering their reasonable pricing (compared to other similar products).  The added benefit of a caffeine boost and electrolytes make the beans suitable for endurance events, as long as you remember to stay hydrated when consuming (which you should be doing considering you are training/racing).  I would recommend Sport Beans to any athlete who struggles with gels.

Nutrition score per serving (13 beans): 100 calories, 25g carbs, 80mg sodium, 40mg potassium 50mg caffeine

Jelly Belly Sport Beans RRP £1.99

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