Review: Muc-Off Athlete Performance Range

MUC-OFF ATHLETE PERFORMANCE RANGE For anyone who takes pride in their triathlon equipment, specifically their bike, you will probably have used or at least be aware of the Muc-Off brand.  Having been around for over 20 years, Muc-Off products ensure that our bikes stay in tip top condition although you have to provide your ownContinue reading “Review: Muc-Off Athlete Performance Range”

Review: Oompf Energy bars

Oompf Energy Bars £1.99 Readers of the Life Of Tri website will know that we are often looking for new and wonderful ways of fuelling our long training sessions, and seeking convenient snacks we can use in races.  This week we have decided to look at Oompf Energy Bars after a colleague of mine recentlyContinue reading “Review: Oompf Energy bars”

Review: Whole Earth Power Balls (a natural solution to gels etc)

Last week I ran Man V Horse in Llanwrtyd Wells (Mid Wales) which is organised by Green Events. For those who haven’t heard about this race before, it is literally a 22/23 mile race over the local mountainous terrain against horses (with riders). The race can be undertaken as a solo run or in aContinue reading “Review: Whole Earth Power Balls (a natural solution to gels etc)”

Review: Energy Sweets (an alterative to gels)

I have used various fueling techniques over the years but it is often difficult to find out what works for you as everyone is unique. Energy gels, solid bars and soluble powders don’t always agree with everyone, with some people feeling nauseous or worse, making you rush for the nearest toilet or bush. While someContinue reading “Review: Energy Sweets (an alterative to gels)”