Blog: Importance of Stretching for Injury Prevention

I have always taken part in some form of sport from a very young age, and have always been encouraged to stretch before activity. Although I knew the importance of stretching, I had always found that I tended to perform a gesture of stretching, rather than fully appreciating its importance for overall health and fitness.Continue reading “Blog: Importance of Stretching for Injury Prevention”

Blog: 3 weeks before marathon – Plantar Fasciitis strikes

At the beginning of July, Tenby (South West Wales) plays host to the Long Course Weekend which sees the 3 iron distance disciplines split over a weekend. On Friday night, athletes will undertake the 2.4 mile swim in Tenby’s North Beach , a 112 mile tour of Pembroke on the Saturday, and a marathon (plusContinue reading “Blog: 3 weeks before marathon – Plantar Fasciitis strikes”