Review: Speedo Biofuse Training Fins

The Speedo Biofuse training fins have been around for a number of years but thought it was a timely opportunity to review them since I have recently needed a new set of training fins.

I have used quite a few different makes/models of fins over the years but first impressions of the Biofuse fins are very positive.  Their name derives from the inclusion of both soft and hard silicones into one set of fins.  Because of this, the fins have an excellent fit with no need for adjustment since they come in different sizes relating to your normal shoe size.

Use of hard silicone in the design does mean that the fins are heavier than expected but this does not detract from the performance.  The softer silicone part adds a level of comfort so they should not rub.

Speedo have designed the fins to maximise athlete’s leg strength and kicking speed, and because the stiff blade is shorter than normal it allows the athlete to perform quick short kicks.  The fins have only been reviewed using full crawl but they were found to deliver enhanced propulsion compared to other tested.  It must be noted that fins are only as effective as the effort used in conjunction with the right technique.

Verdict: For the standard weekend triathlete the Speedo Biofuse fins offer excellent value for money (circa £25).  As a compact fin they will be a great addition to any kit bag, allowing options for different techniques.  There are better fins out there using rubber which increases the comfort level even more, but you will pay more for this.

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