Benefits of Yoga for Triathletes

Followers of Life of Tri will know that we are big advocates of increasing flexibility as an additional discipline to swim bike run. Normally triathletes will tell us that they warm up and cool down after training, but is this really enough? Adding dedicated flexibility sessions to an already pack schedule can be difficult but we would highly recommend triathletes try and fit it in.

One way to achieve this is to practice yoga which has the benefit of either being done at home or through a class. Yoga compliments triathlon training by offering support that will build strength and endurance, while increasing efficiency and economy of movement at the same time. Then there is the benefit to supporting the mental side of training, allowing an opportunity to release tension or reflect on your goals. Practicing yoga on regular basis teaches patience, breath control and allows athletes to develop an awareness of their body. This teaches athletes to be more in-tune with your body which can help spot early signs of potential injuries and identify when rest is needed.

If struggling with time, yoga can be practising at home with a few items, including a yoga mat and yoga block. The rewards of incorporating a simple yoga sequence into your schedule are well worth the effort and only needs to take 10 to 20 minutes a few times a week (depending on your time commitments).

A vast library of videos can be found on line but here is a basic session for those new to yoga.

Good Luck


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