Review: The Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles

review MP XCEED Goggles

Life of Tri recently tested the Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles which were created by Michael Phelps, legendary swim coach Bob Bowman and Aqua Sphere.  They have been designed for racing. But are they any good for triathlon?

Let’s look at the spec.

According to the official website, “The Michael Phelps XCEED competition swim goggle was designed specifically with Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman to provide maximum visibility in the pool.  The patented curved lens technology and hydrodynamic low-profile fit gives swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity.” 

  • The Michael Phelps XCEED goggles have been constructed with Exo core technology, combining two materials for maximum performance.
  • A semi-rigid exoskeleton maximises the goggles strength and stability.
  • The curved lens technology, which is similar to the Aqua Sphere Kayenne, gives an expanded field of vision allowing better visibility.  It provides almost 180-degree vision
  • Anatomical shaped soft gaskets provide a water tight seal and maximum comfort.
  • The Blue polycarbonate lenses have an Anti-fog treatment, Anti-scratch treatment and protects against UV Rays.
  • Interchangeable nose bridge, 4 sizes for custom fit.
  • Low profile dual silicone strap and with quick and easy adjust

These are Life of Tri thoughts on the Michael Phelps XCEED

  • We tested the white and black version with a blue tint.
  • This is a small frame goggle design which is normally aimed at the indoor competition market.  Although those with smaller features may prefer the size.
  • The extended field of vision with the curved lens is a really nice feature on such a small frame.  We are a big fan of the Aqua Sphere Kayenne and its clear they have used the same design, although smaller on the Michael Phelps XCEED.
  • The interchangeable nose bridge is bonus, and to be fair, it really well constructed.  We have tested other brands with interchangeable nose bridges and they don’t last.  It’s just another area to fail.
  • The strap and overall fit felt snug, but triathletes without a swimming background have generally gone for the larger googles like Zoggs Predator
  • They are promoted with anti-fog technology.  We didn’t have any fogging or leaking during testing
  • The googles come in a range of colour and lenses tint options and a mirrored option. 

Verdict -The Michael Phelps XCEED is a very sleek compact pair of goggles.  Admittedly they have been designed for racing but I do believe they would suit triathletes.  The small frame design may put some people off but we found them extremely comfortable and adjustable.  The mirrored lens option does provide protection against glare in outdoor swimming but there is a dramatic price increase compared to the blue tint version Life of Tri tested.

The biggest selling point, similar to the Aqua Sphere Kayenne we tested recently, is the field of vision.  The ability to have greater sight of other competitors around you and where you are going, should be not under estimated in triathlon, and these goggles give you that ability

Purchase the MP XCEED Googles at Amazon

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