Review: Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

Aqua Sphere Keynne Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne has been available for a number of years and is a firm favourite amongst triathletes.  At Life of Tri, we think these goggles are ideal for open water swimmers, triathletes and pool swimmers who want a comfortable training and racing goggle.  The fit is really comfortable but it is the oversized lens design that is the main selling point.  Here are our main thoughts about the Aqua Sphere Kayenne.

  • The version being tested was the clear lens normal fit.  We do like the wide range of frame colours, the different lens options and the fact they offer a small fit.
  • The goggles are lightweight and really comfortable.
  • Even though the lenses are wider this doesn’t mean the goggles feel big and bulker.
  • The wider lens is definitely an advantage for those who race and train in open water.  We found we were able to sight better and really noticed the difference when switching back to another set of goggles.
  • The quick-release function on the straps takes some getting used to but allows effective adjustment even when wearing and having been in the water.
  • We experience zero leaking or fogging.
  • We do prefer our goggles to have adjustment on the nose bridge, but to be fair these were a great fit.

Our overall verdict is positive.  We would highly recommend the Aqua Sphere Kayenne.  If you are doing any sort of open water swimming and you need to sight, then you should be testing these out.  The Keyenne is not an expensive option either with prices for the adult range starting about £15 and increasing depending on your lens preference.

If you are going to buy these for open water swimming then consider the polarised lenses.  This will reduce glare from the sun and increase contrast

Purcahse in Amazon

Technical Information

  • The oversized ultra durable Plexisol®  lenses with Aqua Sphere’s patented curved lens technology provides an undistorted, expanded, 180-degree field of vision.
  • The all new super slim microframe keeps the goggle close to the face for superior, low-drag hydrodynamic performance.
  • One-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle™ for perfect fit with simple adjustments – even whilst wearing
  • Stabilizing nose bridge keeps fitting secure and comfortable
  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens
  • These goggles are constructed from hypoallergenic materials
  • Silicone strap for comfort and durability
  • Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.  With an additional small fit option
  • Lenses are available in clear, polarised, mirrored, blue and smoke

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