Review: Roka F1 Goggles

Life of Tri recently tested some new goggles in the Roka F1 and we will admit that we were impressed that they offered so much for a reasonable price (circa £20).  The Roka range is quite extensive with four different styles and a huge 10 tints to choose from.

roka f1.jpg

We tested the smallest in the range which is the F1 and has removable nose bridges and come in different sizes.  The goggles sit comfortably in the eye socket with no leaking on testing, plus the straps were secure and easy to adjust.  The Roka F1 was tested in indoor and outdoor conditions with the darker amber tint chosen to protect against the sun.  The tint was a little too dark for indoor use but was excellent when used outdoors.  The tint allowed for easy identification of markers when lake swimming, and protected the eyes when turning to breath in low sun.

Verdict: An excellent pair of goggles for both outdoors and the pool (with the right tint), at an affordable price.   9/10

Available at Amazon –

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