Muc-Off Launch New Chain (Game Changer)

Muc-Off has finally launched its much-anticipated Nanotube Chain, which has been speculated for a while now. According to Muc-Off it has been proven to offer more than 10 watts efficiency savings (on a Dynometer) against Ceramic Speed’s Shimano Dura Ace UFO Chain over a race distance.

The Nanotube Chain (NTC) is the culmination of over 10 years’ worth of research and development into drive train optimisation. The NTC delivers in all weather conditions unlike traditional wax-based treated chains available in the market,. This is even true in dry environments, where the Muc-Off state the NTC is more durable than wax-based optimised chains, which suffer from a severe performance drop-off after only a very short amount of use.

NTC is on sell now, as well as a ‘top-up’ bottle of Nanotube Lube which was launched at the same time. This lube has been tested to generate power savings within 1-2 watts of the original chain.



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