Review: Zone3 Activate Trisuit

Zone3 Activiate products can be found on Amazon

I have been using the Zone3 Activate trisuit (mens) for a little while and thought it deserved a review. Zone3 seems to have captured the market that sits between entry level and mid level with this particular suit.  It is definitely a price that suggests entry level at circa £59 but it out performs other suits in the price range.  Zone3 have designed the Activate for beginner triathletes or for those looking for a great value suit to train with. I will admit I found it more than adequate to race in (up to 70.3), and I wouldn’t be described as a beginner.

The trisuit has flatlock seams and smooth material that make it comfortable and supportive for training and racing. I am slim, 5’10” and the suit is a decent fit on me, although I would like it tighter.  Unfortunately if I had gone smaller I wouldn’t have had the length.

The Activate range is made using a Lycra sport fabric to ensure breathability, comfort and performance.  I did feel the fabric soaked up more water than some of my more expensive suits, but it did dried quickly enough once out the water and on the bike. The tripad is a race-specific designed tri pad which falls into the bracket of ‘not too big and not too small’.   Because it is a tri pad this minimises water absorption on the swim and doesn’t impede your swim or run.  On the bike it gives adequate comfort considering its minimal design.

A 1/4 front zipper gives the option for ventilation during the cycle or run with a small pocket for all your triathlon wares. The legs have silicon grippers to prevent the suit riding up and to stop rubbing which would jeopardise performance.


For the money, this is a great trisuit that like the Zone3 Advance wetsuit, punches above its weight in the performance stakes. I did think it took on more water during the swim than other suits, but still out performs others in its price range.  As mentioned earlier in the review, if you are new to triathlon or on a budget and want to race in a trisuit, this is a great option!

Fit 3.5/5  –  Performance 3.5/5   –  Value 4/5  –   Overall 4/5

Zone3 Activiate products can be found on Amazon

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